Salad Assembly Line!

I love a good salad but hate taking the time to put all the ingredients together, so I make more than one at a time.  These salads had all sorts of goodies! spinach, kale, shrooms, green bell peppers, roma tomatoes, almonds, gorgonzola, celery and some left over chicken on a couple of them.  This has to be healthier than a nacho bell grande!



Fajita Chicken w/ Kale, Spinach and Shrooms

Tonight's healthiness is fajita marinated chicken breast, atop a bed of cooked spinach, kale and whole mushrooms!  This is a little better for my arterials than the Scotch egg!


Scotch Eggs!

Tonight I am attempting Scotch Eggs!  I saw this on the menu at Richmond Arms one night and have been intrigued ever since.  I made a variation that is just a peeled, hard boiled egg wrapped in hot breakfast sausage with seasonings.  Some recipes call for bread crumbs and such, but I'm trying to avoid unnecessary carbos.

Salad Staging Area!

The key to success! Raw, healthy, nutritious