Who is Dave and where is the Bay

My name is Dave and my hometown is a wonderful small town in Texas called Bay City.


For the past several years I have been having terrible ankle pain that has been preventing me doing what I wanted to do, so I went to a doctor in Jan 2011.  After blood work and a complete physical I was presented with not so pleasant news.  Not only was my blood pressure and cholesterol elevated, I have Gout caused by high uric acid levels in my blood.  So it is time for a change.  I am attempting to repair my body from three decades of abuse.  Wish me luck in reprogramming my habits! 

I feel accomplished after I prepare a healthy meal.  It is fun to mix together different ingredients and come out with something delicious.  I have had disasters (e.g. meatloaf with splenda), but I learn.  Now I like to take a pic of whatever concoction I end up producing. 

Keeping an optimistic outlook and seeking continuous improvement are important to me.

Salad Staging Area!

The key to success! Raw, healthy, nutritious