The Dogs

My family has five dogs and they are like children to us.  They sleep in our beds, get spoon fed leftovers, and have no problems coaxing treats out of us.

Max is my dog.  He is a smooth-haired dachshund that we adopted from the Houston Friends for Life, a no kill animal shelter.  He enjoys sleeping under the electric blanket, hunting lizards and geckos in the plants, and just basking in the sun.  Nicknames: Maxipad, Lizard Lips, and Maximilian

Tina is my sisters dog.  She is a wire-haired dachshund we adopted from the Dachshund Rescue of Houston, a weiny dog rescue and re-homing organization.  She enjoys sleeping at the end of the bed, chewing squeakys, and going on walks.  Nicknames: Tuna, Thunderhooves,

Cinders is my mom's dog.  She is a wirehaired dachsand that has been with the family for almost 16 years.  She enjoys sleeping, doing tricks for treats, and sleeping.  Nicknames: Cin Cin, Devil dog

Giselle is my dad's dog.  She is an Italian greyhound that thinks she is a dachshund. We found her running the streets with a piece of barbed wire wrapped around her neck!  It looked like someone tried to snare her, but dad eventually made friends and got her to the vet.  She enjoys chasing squirrels, running, and pulling my dad's pants down when she wants a treat.  Nicknames: Long legged dachshund, The Flash

Schatzi, a long-haired dachshund, is the latest addition to the family.  We adopted her from the Dachshund Rescue of Houston where she was rescued from a puppy mill.  Her entire life she spent in a crate, but now she is starting to see what being a dog is all about.  She is skittish, but  getting better. No nicknames yet.

These dogs are all spoiled to death!

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