Burnt Chicken

Another healthy meal.  Once I peeled off the skin this chicken was great.  I know that chicken breast is better for you(less fat), but these legs are only $1 per pound.  Veggies are never too expensive, but the protein source kills me.  Luckily I am discovering that Tofu is a great source of lean protein and it is about $2 a pound.


Cubed Tofu w/ Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower

Today I experimented further with cubed tofu.  I diced up some firm tofu up and marinated it in ranch powder, pepper and liquid smoke.  I baked it at 350 for almost an hour, turning halfway thru.  They came out delicious!  Liquid smoke was the secret.  What a great healthy meal, now if I can just do this more regularly I will be be in better shape.  Tofu continues to amaze me.


Maritime Refuse

Every time I go to the beach (Matagorda, TX) I find another odd piece of maritime refuse that has washed up on the beach.  I always wonder where the heck this stuff comes from and what it is...

Tofu #2

My second attempt at cooking tofu was a success!  I experimented with two different marinades, one with Ranch powder and the other was heavy with Chacheres.  Both versions were tasty.  I think the grill is the key to good tofu.  Next attempt I will use the oven and see what happens.  Broccoli, green beans, and tofu squares...A healthy lunch!

The Burrito Challenge!

So I stopped into Rosa Ritas in Needville, TX yesterday afternoon with a craving for a burrito.  I sat down at the bar and without using a menu asked for a tortilla wrapped delicacy to quench my hunger.  The waiter asked me if I wanted the big burrito, I asked how much it was and after learning it was $10.99 I said why not.  As I was munching on some chips and salsa the waiter brought out a timer with my silverware, I asked what it was for and he said the challenge you just accepted!  "The Big Burrito Challenge!" He then explained if I ate the entire burrito and sides, in any amount of time, I would gain instant fame with a picture on the wall.  My immediate thought was of the Man vs. Food episodes.  With only eight pictures adorning the burrito wall, I was excited to see what I had gotten into.  Then they brought out the Monstrosity!  It must have weighed 4 pounds! My tail instantly curled between my legs when I realized what I was against.  I almost immediately decided today would not be the day to conquer the burrito!  I know that's weak, but I was just not in the mindset for conquering the Mexican Sequoia Trunk that laid before me.  I ate what I could comfortably and managed to take down a third of the beast.  I left feeling defeated and in a state of awe after encountering the mythical burrito.  I will return!  This is not over!


Chorizo and Eggs

Doesn't look that good, but combined with a tortilla and some cheese it is right on time.  Viva La Mexico!  Next couple meals need to be healthier than this.


Grilled Tofu

Tonight I tried to grill some Tofu.  I used the extra firm and marinated it for four hours.  It was good!..A little bland in the middle, but good overall...Cheap and healthy!  Will try again.  I need to work on my marinade.


Combo Time!

The Shipley's in Bay City has some bad ass "Combo's". Sausage, egg and cheese inside a hunk of fresh baked bread. 


Salad Assembly Line!

I love a good salad but hate taking the time to put all the ingredients together, so I make more than one at a time.  These salads had all sorts of goodies! spinach, kale, shrooms, green bell peppers, roma tomatoes, almonds, gorgonzola, celery and some left over chicken on a couple of them.  This has to be healthier than a nacho bell grande!



Fajita Chicken w/ Kale, Spinach and Shrooms

Tonight's healthiness is fajita marinated chicken breast, atop a bed of cooked spinach, kale and whole mushrooms!  This is a little better for my arterials than the Scotch egg!


Scotch Eggs!

Tonight I am attempting Scotch Eggs!  I saw this on the menu at Richmond Arms one night and have been intrigued ever since.  I made a variation that is just a peeled, hard boiled egg wrapped in hot breakfast sausage with seasonings.  Some recipes call for bread crumbs and such, but I'm trying to avoid unnecessary carbos.

Salad Staging Area!

The key to success! Raw, healthy, nutritious