The Burrito Challenge!

So I stopped into Rosa Ritas in Needville, TX yesterday afternoon with a craving for a burrito.  I sat down at the bar and without using a menu asked for a tortilla wrapped delicacy to quench my hunger.  The waiter asked me if I wanted the big burrito, I asked how much it was and after learning it was $10.99 I said why not.  As I was munching on some chips and salsa the waiter brought out a timer with my silverware, I asked what it was for and he said the challenge you just accepted!  "The Big Burrito Challenge!" He then explained if I ate the entire burrito and sides, in any amount of time, I would gain instant fame with a picture on the wall.  My immediate thought was of the Man vs. Food episodes.  With only eight pictures adorning the burrito wall, I was excited to see what I had gotten into.  Then they brought out the Monstrosity!  It must have weighed 4 pounds! My tail instantly curled between my legs when I realized what I was against.  I almost immediately decided today would not be the day to conquer the burrito!  I know that's weak, but I was just not in the mindset for conquering the Mexican Sequoia Trunk that laid before me.  I ate what I could comfortably and managed to take down a third of the beast.  I left feeling defeated and in a state of awe after encountering the mythical burrito.  I will return!  This is not over!

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